Notice regarding Covid-19

Dear Member,


Buy Xanax Powder Online This evening the committee and coaches have taken the necessary steps to keep the club open however this may change given the current circumstances.  Following advice from Canoe Ireland and in line with Government guidelines the committee and coaches have decided to reduce the use of the club facilities for the foreseeable future.  To that end the committee met this evening and decided the following restrictions for training and use of club facilities:

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  1. The gym, paddle machine room and common room will be locked from this evening and are out of bounds to all club members.
  2. Use of the showers is restricted to adults. Juniors may use the changing rooms for changing only (but no showering).  Parents are advised that juniors will need to shower at home after training.
  3. Juniors will be invited to train however this will be at the discretion of parents.  Jon (head coach) will be in communication with regard to altered training times.
  4. Each group will be allocated a time to train.  Please adhere to the times for collection and drop off.
  5. Adult members are permitted to access the club for on water training only under the current restrictions but accept responsibility for themselves.
  6. Parents have responsibility for deciding whether their child attends the training sessions. In line with previous advice do not attend at the club or training session if you or any family members have any illness. The coach reserves the right to ask any junior to leave if they appear unwell.

This is a changing situation and we will communicate any further updates as we get them. The committee and coaches

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