Covid 19 update Happy New Year to all our members. As you are aware the Club and all boat houses are now closed. If you have taken your boat, members may continue to access the water from the grounds. It is our intention that SLCC will continue to operate as best we can on behalf of all our members while operating safely and within these restricted Government guidelines and with the support of Canoeing Ireland. This is a fluid situation and guidance may change.
· We will continue to allow access to the water only for members under strict government conditions. Do not leave your boat on club property. · Juniors are not permitted to train without a competent adult on the water with them and only within their capabilities and as part of a bubble.
· Juniors, if in doubt please consult your coaches.
· Please come ready to paddle or change at your car. Do not change on waterfront · No non paddlers beyond the car park please, only paddlers on waterfront. · Please make sure SOCIAL Distancing is observed and use sanitisers
Buy Cheap Xanax Online Uk · The committee asks that members consider attending at non-peak weekend times to ensure separation and limit numbers. · These guidelines are to support a safe and operational SLCC. · How we are perceived from the outside is important to our continued safe operation during this lock down.
· The committee reserves the right to take further measures if it is deemed that we are not following guidance to socially distance or acting responsibly.
· Fees are now due from Jan 1st payable by March 31st, please consider using Clubforce…
· If you haven’t yet ordered your 60th Anniversary calendar, please order one now on
Diazepam 20 Mg Buy · Stay safe, continue to socially distance and try to avoid peak times at weekends SLCC Committee 2021 Order Cheap Diazepam supporting social distancing

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