2 Great weekends at Salmon Leap for club racing

https://www.lifesatomato.com/2023/01/31/lnpt52ymj The last two weekends have been brilliant at Salmon Leap CC with two 10k races taking place.  The first race took place on the 17th November which was the Watkins cup, with a good turn out for both senior and Junior racing.

https://cbwmagazine.com/g3ued000 Barry Watkins claimed the win taking home his granddads trophy for the second year running with Ronan Foley the runner up and Peter Egan finishing 3rd.  Congrats to everyone who took part and especially the Juniors where there was some great racing.


On the 24th November  the 50th anniversary of the Casey cup took place, this turned out to be a great battle all the way to the finish line with Malcolm Banks and Dermot Hudson taking the win over Ronan Foley and young Sean Nudd.   The field this year for Juniors was made up of mixed crews with boys and girls racing with each other to make an exciting race to watch, which it turned out to be.  Congrats to all who raced and well done to the support crews.

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