The Club

Founded in 1961 by Robin Love and Henry Nelson, Salmon Leap is situated on the banks of the River Liffey where the river flows into Leixlip Reservoir, an ideal location for canoeists to benefit from both flat and rough water river conditions. In addition, the Club is equipped with an aerobic gymnasium and heavy weights room which, together with ready access to flat water, facilitate year round training.


The objective of the Club is to promote all facets of canoeing and to encourage competitive canoeing: for example, our members participate in Marathon Racing, Sprint Racing, Slalom and Wild Water Racing. Perhaps uniquely, the Club has had members representing Ireland at each Olympic Games since 1972.

The Club welcomes young people, encouraging them to participate in which ever form of canoeing they most enjoy, and to take part in the many racing events that occur throughout the summer at different locations. The Club supplies beginners with basic training, equipment and boats, which allow them decide whether or not they want to pursue the sport.


The Clubhouse, completed in 2000, comprises; boat storage for members’ and club boats; male and female changing rooms with showering facilities; aerobic gymnasium; heavy weights room; club room and kitchen. Set on approximately 1 acre of landscaped ground, there is ample private parking available for members.